Honestly, how does Chimaev vs Costa play out?

Costa is a big boy, but does he have the skills to stop Chimaev?

Conor looked unstoppable at 145, and I think he was. I think he’d beat Volk at 145 if he could somehow make the weight again.

He moved up a weight class. The skill is still obviously there. But what is he, 1-5 now at 155? Sort of being sarcastic, but, that about captures it. I think Chimaev would still be a monster at 185, but he’d take a lot more damage than he does at 170, he wouldn’t last nearly as long (5 yr career instead of a 10 or a 15)

I can see Chimaev getting finished if he started brawling with Costa like he did with Burns. I think based off strength and skill he showed vs Yoel, Costa does very well.

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It would be a takedown clinic and submission real quick

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Smash everybody- get money- help people.