Honey glazed Pinx(pics)

Smoking some ribs in mesquite and pecan. Wacha!

I’ll update in a few hts just put them on

I love me some SBR's BBQ sauce!  Eagerly awaiting pics so I can hate my lack of 'cooking like you' skills. 

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Thanks saku. Pork st Louis ribs are dummy proof lol. 3-1-1 or 4-1-1 depending on size. These will be 3 hrs smoked, 1 hr wrapped and the last hr sauced.

The rub is a basic one. Paprika, onion and garlic powder, chili powder,  light brown sugar, kosher salt and cracked black pepper. Everything is added to taste. Start with a good pile of paprika as a base and add the rest to taste.

My sauce starts with grilled onions, SBRs(or any of your favorite), hot sauce or cayenne powder, cracked pepper, honey, and the juice from the smoked meat collected in the foil wrap. Continue stirring occasionally and add a shot of whiskey or bourbon.

up date


added some boneless chicken thigh

2 hrs and ready to wrap. these will be quick!

NiteProwleR -

NiteProwleR -

That's a decent cheaper sauce, but there is so much more that's better my friend.


I’ll take kraft and bring it to gold status with my pork drippings and bourbon


here are the pork trimmings I took off the spares and used for the sauce


Haaa, sweet baby ray's. Foreal it's not bad for something that should be terrible. Of course there are better options, but I ain't gonna hate on it.

enjoy them shits mister!

You are fucking masterful.  Good heavens that looks phenomenal!