Hong Man Choi

This dudes fought the who's who of Martial Arts. Respek 

Vs Bob Sapps future opponent 


Vs Bob Sapp 


vs Badr Hari 


vs Bojansky 


vs Gary Goodridge 


Where is Fedor Phone Post 3.0

vs Ray Sefo 


vs Jerome Le Banner 


vs Semmy Schilt 


Vs. Mirko Crocop Filipovic


He's tough!

vs Fedor Emelianenko 


vs Minowaman 


vs Jose Cansenco


Hespect Phone Post 3.0

HONG! Phone Post 3.0

Curls up in Hong Man Choi's palm


If you take the fight with Fedor objectively, he was beating him to death before the second armbar.

I am the proud owner of Hong Mans gloves from that fight.

Canseco didn't stand a chance even if he was allowed to fight with that bat he walked out to the ring with. Superhulk tourney FTW Phone Post 3.0