hongman + sub defense?

after watching hongman be basically immune to fedor's standup grappling, then seeing how even hongman-pitter patter punches caused a lot of damage....i think hongman + good training, he could make a big splash in HW division. thoughts?

HW weight limit is 265. Choi was 365 for that fight.

Holy sh!t. Maybe if they cut off an arm, or his head.


6 months of sprawl training...

on a serious note, he'll probably be dead in about 15 years at the most

Giants= bad for the sport. I so don't want to watch them.

Techno Titan needs to focus more on grappling and sub defense versus techno dancing. In order to work on his ground game, they'd have to hire some sort of large animal as a sparring partner. A 6 foot tall 200 lb man looks like a child in his presence.

"The Korean giant has limited MMA experience but made the best MMA fighter in the world look bad for a few minutes. If he had a good blue belt level of sub defense I think Fedor would have had a really hard time."

LOL at Fedor looking "bad for a few minutes". What fucking fight were you watching? That fight went down exactly like everyone expected it to. Please tell me where Fedor looked bad.

cool armbar unrelated

What fight did you guys watch. How did he make Fedor look bad? You guys are a bunch of trolls. Fedor dominated him. Just because the guy is so big Fedor couldn't take him down doesn't mean crap. He still subbed him in the first round. DOMINATING performance by Fedor.