Honoring Joe Silvas career with romos, memes, gifs

Since it seems to be true that Joe Silva is retiring, it feels like there just has to be a thread honoring his career with what this place does best. Romos, memes, gifs etc!

Happy retirement Joe Silva, you truly deserve it!

Lets start things off with: http://i.imgur.com/WZTnRSv.jpg



I'll throw this one in here for CRE...

StrikingMMA -

Since this Travis Browne was thrown to arlovski werdum and Cain. Don't pick up joe silva Phone Post 3.0

First post rematched the link in the OP. Respect.

All kidding aside. Dude has put together some great fights over the years. I wish his the best in future endeavors.

Biggest little guy in the game Phone Post 3.0

Some guys better watch out.  I hear he made himself some fuck you money in the UFC sale.  He's gonna hire a hitman to take out every mother fucker that's picked him up over the last 21 years.