Hood maps somewhat accurate

It’s just guessing in my town, they paint almost everything hipster even if it’s ghetto/you’ll get shot/robbed/carjacked area. Looks like they just mark college neighborhoods as Student and downtown areas as Suits.

Lmfao. I live in “rich cucks”

There are a ton of mid 40s white swingers in my hood.

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Shit is ridiculously terrible

They have near north/north Minneapolis as rich white people bwhahahaha

There’s more gang violence there than almost anywhere in Minneapolis

Pretty accirate

I wasnt able to screenshot the other little hoods that randomly popped up and they were accurate

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Lol had never seen that. Is it somewhat accurate?

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I live amongst the ‘Normies’…I’m ok with that.

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Vegas is accurate. Could use more funny.

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This one has so many layers to zoom. lol damn