Hood Prank Gone Wrong, Teen Killed

Hood Prank Gone Wrong: Prankster Murdered in Chicago

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Chicago, IL- 16 year old Ryan Wilson is dead after attempting to prank gang members in Chicago. Wilson, a young man from Chicago suburb Naperville, went to the southside of Chicago with a friend pranking random people. According to Wilson’s friend, the teenager approached a couple of Vice Lord gang members and said, “are you ready to dye”. Before the teen could pull out a bottle of Clairol hair dye to insinuate that he meant dying his hair, one of the gang members pulled out a .22 and shot Wilson multiple times in the head.

The teenager was rushed to the University of Chicago Medical Center where he was pronounced dead upon arrival. Wilson’s friend filmed the entire altercation and has submitted the video to the local police. So far, no arrests have been made. This was the 32nd murder this past weekend in the city of Chicago.

Ryan Wilson was only in the 11th grade and attended Benet Academy in Naperville, IL, where he excelled academically. He was apart of the debate club, Latin club and played varsity ice hockey.



how fucking dumb do you have to be to not see that this would end badly?

That's a legitimate self-defence killing.

Now he is apart of the debate club.

Wow, is this the same ones doing the stealing phone pranks? Phone Post 3.0

lol.  was it one of those guys who has the youtube videos always shared on the OG?

sad he died, but what a moron.

It was only a matter of time. Phone Post 3.0

FYI naperville is a suburb of chicago. every year it is ranked at the top of the "best places to raise your kids" lists

Smh.... One of the worst places to even try a stupid ass prank like that. Phone Post 3.0

Seen a few of those "Hood Pranks Gone Wrong" videos on youtube lately and they are fucking retarded, I always wonder how they don't get killed (Some come really close)

Hopefully this puts and end to this shit.

Poor kid. But these pranks lately just geez. Suprised this didnt happen sooner. Phone Post 3.0

Was only a matter of time Phone Post 3.0

What did he expect Phone Post 3.0

now lets hope people learn a lesson. tombstone should read "he did it for the lols"

So he effectively was walking around threatening people's lives? Can't blame the hood scum to the normal degree we might... Phone Post 3.0

Was it this guy?

neonbelly -

That's a legitimate self-defence killing.

Agreed and VU

No sympathy for bangers, but you got a right to live Phone Post 3.0

Race of said pranker? Phone Post 3.0



Seriously...Fuck im....Darwinsim working at its finest. How fucking DUMB must you be to walk up to some legit gang bangers (or anyone for that manner) and I Ulla that stunt.

My heart mourns for his family but him? Fuck him....The gang banger shoulda responded "fu swiss cheese head". Phone Post 3.0