Hooeters!! On Board Jiu-Jitsu Tour

All competitors at the Budweiser Jiu-Jitsu World Cup
Jan. 10th in Charlotte NC Will recieve FREE Wings at our Hooters here at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Awesome Competiton if those who came last year remember...350 plus competitors and now Free food at our Hooters here at the Speedway Location!
No Gi Pro Division $1,000 per weight class, 3 weights.
All Adv. no gi winners recieve $50
White belt to Black belt gi divisons.
Childrens Teens and Womens Divisions.
Masters 30 and over.

You said hooters.


JDHurst & statue,

I am not sure if you are aware of this, but I just recived me DECEMBER Issue of Grappling Magazine, and the add for this event is listed with an event date of "December 13, 2003"!

I don't know what can be done at this point, but you may want to get in touch with the publisher and see if any changes can be done to the remaining issues yet to be sent out!

This sucks, but I still feel that the turnout will be great fro this event!

"statue", I will call you on Wed.

Dustin Ware

Yes, the date is Jan. 10th it will not be in the next issue but it would be changed if it were.
Last year we did it on Super Bowl weekend so we moved it up a week this year to the 10th of Jan.
All competitors will recieve a competitors Hooters card that wants one and will be able to go there for FREE wings.
GZFS That may be a hard one.





Are you going to have online reg this year? I went to the website and did not see anything like that.

yes there is going to be online reg this year they are just waiting for the website to be completed and all of the the litle things to be worked out

Yes, it should be up this weekend.

Thanks guys.

We really want to make this nice. See you there!




One more question, last year, one of the guys from my school said that you had a seminar the night before. I think he said it was Royce? And was included in the entry fee. Anything like that this year?

Thanks again.

No Seminars this year. Last year had a smaller turn out than I ever imagined. I was really hoping that would have been bigger.
wwww.budweiserworldcup.com is up for registration forms directions etc... Pro Divison $1,000.00 per weight class The No gi Adv winners in each weight will recieve $50. Gi white belt to Black belt adult,masters, women and children divisons. Last year there were over 350 competitors at the Dale Jr., this year will be ran faster it will help for those that pre register. Respect to all. Joe Hurst