Hooiser Open was success!!

Hoosier Open BJJ Tournament just wrapped up and was a huge success. THe day ran smoothly, matches were great, there was a lot of spectator support. Honestly one of the best tournaments I have ever been in. Caique and crew from Indy were on the ball.

I agree the tournament was run VERY smoothly. With about 130 competitors and Double Elimination it was still wrapped up at about 3:30pm. Oh, did I mention that it started on time too? Great job too Caique and crew!!

Oh JHahn- Learn how to spell HOOSIER.

James, you did a great job today as well. I know you had a disappointing final, but you looked great out there.

Also, eye red and re-red mi last post two make shur eye spelt everything write, eye jus never luked back to the thred tyt-l. My bad.

give us some results