Hook Mike @ RGTV Up

He said he would host the video of the fight. Someone posted the nut shot.

Just emial him, if you have it, and he will host it for you

ttt someone please




mike, what's the latest from Royce? Have you spoken to him since last time (right after the fight)?

Yes, not much with him he is relaxing and enjoying time with family, he is leaving for a week long law enforcement seminar on the 4-th-10th of january and then is going to take a long awaited month off. I will try and bring him here before he leaves for FLA

very cool...

We wish him the best from WV


I would think posting the full fight here is equal to tape trading?

I do have the full fight but now I'm pretty sure it would be equal to tape trading seeing how the threads about sudo vs butterbean vid and the sapp vs akebono vid thread was both deleted

can u put it up on kazaa?

Renzo/Newton & Ralph/Mishima were both posted here and not deleted.

all the other vids are still up


ttt for video