HOOKnSHOOT Tag Team Needed! 3/27

We had a team bail out on us last night.

If you have a 3person team, less than 600lbs and want to win BEAUTIFUL championship belts to keep, contact me asap!

Show is next Saturday, March 27 in Evansville, IN.

4-Team Elimination Tournament



Submission or NHB?

what are the brackets for this tourney? Will this be released on tape?

Good God Mike! Hell no not NHB! :)

Submission wrestling only.

Yes, this will be televised locally and put on DVD.

Right now we have this:

John Renken's Student Team
Scott Henze's Team

We encourage "pro wrestling like" activity and gimmicks. Although the matches are 100% real, we give the pro wrestling vibe and sometimes the tag team stuff gets a bigger response than the fights

Man - that sounds like a blast - We have done seveal of those in the past and they are always a good time.
I figured it was Submission - but you could have finally snapped Jeff - we all know it's coming...tick tick tick

How about me and Vernon White?


I think I can get a group of guy. But we're in vegas, dont know if you would be willing to fly us out.

Mike's right....tick..tick...tick.

It's fun to see me in a psychotic rage during our live shows. At least I allways pre-appologize before the show kicks off!


"It's fun to see me in a psychotic rage during our live shows. At least I allways pre-appologize before the show kicks off!"

LOL!!! My god does Jeff PMS during a show or what!?! :)

Great my first HnS show and Jeff is going to rage! :)
Scott Proffitt

This is such a great idea. I will for be looking for this DVD to come out. I love the idea of a Submission Wrestling Tag Tourment with the flair of Pro Wrestling mixed into it. This is kind of like UWFI only its real.

Jeff-i have a team,sent u an e-mail.

email sent Mr Jeff


How about me and Wes Sims lol im 220lbs right now and Wes 250lbs :)

Ever think the pro-wrestling crap could get someone hurt bad?


We have a team ready,send me a copy of the rules anconasgym@aol.com

so it is a 3 man team and not a 2 man

i think i know who the last team is....

Got all the teams!

Damn! WES SIMMS was serious as hell but I had already filled the slot.

Coming this fall will be the HOOKnSHOOT TAG TEAM GRAND PRIX for cash and the "world tag championships"