Hoost - the greatest ever?

I will be the first to admit I am not an expert in the sport of kickboxing.

I have seen Raymond Deckkers, Rob Kayman (sp), & Benny Urquidez in limited fashion. However, I find it difficult to believe that any of them can rival the accomplishments of Ernesto Hoost.

I wonder if some hardcore fans of the sport can give some insight on where Hoost ranks in terms of the best kickboxers of all time?



Pastafarian is correct. As I see K-1 as the
pinnacle of kickboxing events, it is hard to argue with Hoost (who has the record for most wins and also went to finals in the first ever K-1) as being anything less than the best.

Why is Hoost not more revered on this board?

Michael Mcdonald


Here is a list of Hoost's accomplishments.

Fighters he beat: Maurice Smith (by KO); Aerts (I think they are tied at 2 wins a piece vs. each other), Andy Hug, LeBanner, Ray Sefo, Satake, Cro Cop twice by KO once by decision, Sam Grecko, Musahi, Leko, Schilt (even though I thought he lost), Abidi & Mighty Mo. I also thought he won in his fight vs. Remmy.

I am a huge McDonald fan, but he isn't even in the discussion. He's never won a GP.

He's the best K-1 fighter.

Kaman is the best ever, though

Saying Michael McDonald is the greatest kickboxer ever is like saying Frank Trigg is the greatest MMA fighter ever.

Hoost's 4th victory was BS IMO. He lost to Sapp in the preliminary round, got back in as an injury replacement, then got back in after losing to Sapp again when he was too tired to move on/hurt, and then he "won" the GP! Wow!

You can't be the greatest of all-time and lose twice in a row to Bob Sapp by TKO, when Sapp has, what?, one year of training at the time?

An improved Sapp has since lost to CroCop and Remy, so it really hurts Hoost's career...

he tried to avenge the loss, but the fight didn't happen in the end.

Sapp really exposed K-1 IMO as not being nearly as the level of boxing...or do you think that Lewis or Klitscko would have lost to Sapp too? Sapp wasn't using that much in the way of kicks from what I remember.

jmho though

I think one should seperate HW and the lower weights when asking for the best kickboxer ever. Lower weights have by far a bigger talentpool and far tougher competition than the HWs. Also if kickboxing includes muay thai then you need to seperate westerners with the thais. Otherwise the thais would rule that list.

As far as the best HW kickboxer is concerned. I can see Hoost as the best HW kickboxer ever. Although i can also see Peter Aerts taking that place. Hoosts KO losses to a 45 year old Branko Cikatic while Hoost was in his prime puts a dent in his Mr Perfect image. Aswell as 2 losses to Bob Sapp. The Hoost that won the K1 99 GP would be as good as one can get as a kickboxer. I can only see the Aerts who won the K1 98 GP beating that version of Hoost

double post

"Sapp really exposed K-1 IMO as not being nearly as the level of boxing...or do you think that Lewis or Klitscko would have lost to Sapp too? Sapp wasn't using that much in the way of kicks from what I remember."

Sapp has been pummeled into oblivion by every other K2 fighter though. Dont see how beating 1 guy exposes a whole style. And yes i can see Sapp beating Lewis or Klitschko if he was allowed to cheat and they would be classy enough not to retaliate

I wouldn't argue with Hoost being #1 of all time.

The guy is great.

I think Hoost is the best ever. But that is considering technique, toughness, overall skill and accomplishments.

I'd say Aerts is a close second, his technique isn't as good but what he lacks there he makes up for in toughness and sheer brutallity. He will rough people up until they break.
Hug is 3rd on my list.

Now I also don't think you can compare Heavyweights to lightweights.

Of course lightweights will have better skills and will be faster and more stamina but Heavyweights have the KO power in both their hands and legs.
A few lightweights have both but it's not as common.

I like Hoost because you could concievably fight like him with enough practice.

He didn't have the best chin, he wasn't the fastest, and he didn't have great power (except for his leg kicks). The guy was all technique, unlike Aerts, who is not a good guy to try and copy...

The thing with Hoost is that he is very smart. He would lead with that right hand on punchers and push the kickers backwards and then attack.

He is very methodical.

You have to love Aerts style, he is hard to copy unless you are a tough bastard.

Sapp is huge and styles make fights.

Jesus Crimony... cut Hoost some slack! The guy was waaaay past his prime when he fought Sapp. Hell, even Ali had some regrettable losses toward the end of his career and he is still considered the greatest heavyweight boxer.

sapps K1 fights are a bit shady... remember kimo cleaning his clock?

"The guy was waaaay past his prime when he fought Sapp"

Sure he was in his late thirties. But he also won his 4th GP title the same night he lost to Sapp the second time.