Hoost vs. Bonjasky!!

this match will finally take place on K1's march 27th show. should be a great matchup. hard to say who will take the victory. pits the old k1 vs the new generation.

I agree with Hoost by decision.


This has the potential to be the greatest fight in K-1 history!

"if sapp can ko hoost then remy will too"

Wow.That is one retarded statement.

This will show how much Bonjasky has improved the past year or so, and whether Hoost's skills have faded.

I think Hoost will win, but we'll see.

should be very interesting. Remy seems like a tireless worker, i would like to think he's improved even more since his Grand Prix win.

i think Bonjasky by desicion, i think against a guy like Hoost he's likely to work more, and stick and move a lot more rather than stand and trade.

if Hoost gets a hold of him though...

should be real interesting.
I can't wait to see Carter Williams this year too, i think that guys got a Huge future.

After watching CroCop put Remy away easily I think Hoost will fininsh him by ko/tko

Very GOOD fight....................


i cant wait !!!!!!!!!!1

ttt for a great match

Musashi fought the sick Sefo, Remy fought the Australian guy in the quarter finals.

remy fought peter grahm

Hoost will win this one.
Bonjaski fought venetiaat a ctouple of times and lost everytime.
Hoost knows how to beat him