Hoover Dam's water falls to its lowest level Ever


All Cali has to do is stop growing almonds for a while.


That state is a complete clusterfuck. Middle class Californians are getting spit roasted by Mother Nature and their Democrat politicians


The salmon fishery in northern Cali is collapsing too

God dam it. This is a dam shame.


I’m gonna do my part and cut back from 3 showers a week to 2.


Just move here to Kentucky. It rains here almost everyday it seems like lol.

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so whats the lowest possible point to make the turbines go wooo?

this has got to be concerning to the people who live in those areas right?

or just business as usual?

Also know as extreme overpopulation.

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It’s interesting how things are gonna play out in a few years. More and more people living in the area but less and less water. Here in Arizona water has always been a concern but we’re getting A LOT of tech companies moving here or setting up shop here. They’re saying it’s becoming the new silicon Valley. Semi conductors require a tremendous amount of water so they’re gonna need to solve the problem.

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Doesn’t agriculture and golf courses use 80% of the water in Southern California?

I’m not saying not to grow food but why not invest in some water saving tech?

Instead of flooding the almond tree fields why not pul drip irrigation at the roots.

I remember reading about how some farmers used water recycling tech 20 years ago and saved 90% of their water, which they sold to so cal

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They need reverse osmosis plants, should be cheaper than the high speed rail program

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It has been for years. That is a direct result of too much dam building. Add in the recent and absolutely federally illegal dredging ban, and the fish have nowhere to spawn. The spawning beds…there are none.

yup … same thing is happening to thailand because of all the dams built by China

I could be mistaken but from my understanding lower cali owes its existence to the dam and water?

Let me guess…climate change? I’m sure if I pay a carbon tax the water will begin to fill back up.


It’s insane how many almonds orchards have been planted…not slowing down either… I’m right in the middle of it …Central Valley

Probably more almond orchards than raisins and grapes now

They just won’t put data centers there then… Everything is cloud now it’s all about where the data centers are not the offices.