Hoplos (opinions please)

Hi all,

Anyone out there subscribe to Hoplos? If so, what are your opinions on the articles in general? (How informative are the articles? Is there any particular bias in the arts covered? How would you compare it to Journal of Asian Martial Arts, ejmas.com, etc.?)


I would call it unproven more than anything else. This recent issue of Hoplos is the first to come out in about ten years or so. Although the back issues form a nice body of reference, especially for some past Draeger writings.

As far as Hoplos, though, the question is really whether they will keep to a publishing schedule. Personally, I like the subject range of Hoplos a little more than JAMA, simnply b/c it is not confined to Asian MA (not that JAMA hasn't stretched that a bit in the past). For example, the recent Hoplos issue TOC provides:

Hawaiian Martial Culture
The Weapons of the Common Folk of 17th Century Caniola
Matigsolog Combative Culture
Normative Human Nature
Augustus Lane Fox Pitt-Rivers

which I think is a pretty diverse and interesting selection. The issue ran about 30 pages total.But again, it would probably be premature to really say much of anything about it until there is more than one issue to discuss. I simply don't know how applicable any comments about the older Hoplos would be to the new publication.