Horn has never been KO'd!

I find it totally amazing that Jeremy Horn has almost 100 fights yet has NEVER been knocked out or TKO'd!

Has anyone else in MMA fought as many tough fighters without being KO'd??

Even top notch strikers like Silva, Rizzo, Vitor, Igor, Arlovski, and Crocop have gotten knocked out or TKO'd before.

Not to mention that they have all fought way less times than Horn has, too.

Horn has also faced some dangerous strikers like Anderson Silva, Liddell, Yvel, Brinks, Eugene Jackson, Louiseau, James Zikic, Frank Shamrock, and Tiger White.

I can't even recall any fight where he got badly rocked or dropped for that matter.

What will it take to knock this guy out?

Will he have to fight 2 opponents simultaneously?

This enquiring mind wants to know.....

I think that it will take a whole gang of Maori tribesmen to knock Horn out....

Or maybe a Mack truck, perhaps??

"I can't even recall any fight where he got badly rocked or dropped for that matter."

It hasn't happened! He is INVINCIBLE! ;)


BZLJJ "Jeremy is my second cousin on his mom's side"

President of the OFFICIAL Jeremy Horn Fan Club!!! :)

I should have expected that Horn's groupie would eventually show up..... ;-)

TTT 4 Horn and 'family'!!!

Horn has never been KO'd!

That's too bad.

One Sided War, you are correct on that one.

Remember when Horn conveniently became the #1 LHW contender AFTER Elvis tapped him out??

Horn even told me that they never mentioned that the winner of that fight was going to face Tito, until after he lost.

Tito and Zuffa were avoiding Horn like the plague, and for good reason.....

"Horn has never been KO'd. That's too bad."

Yes, it is too bad for the helpless victims that tried to knock him out.....

He has been KO'd before trust me. I seen him walk into JHR's room after his fight with The Crow and the smell coming from JHR's dirty underwear on the floor KO'd all of us!!! JHR is one dirty mofo. If you ever have the "pleasure" of meeting him you won't forget.

Bas Rutten hasn't been KO'd either has he?

There's quite a few people who have never been KO'd but none of them have nearly as many fights as Horn.

I'm trying to think of the fighters with 25+ fights with no KO losses.

I know Bas is one. I think Matt Hughes is another?

I know Matt has two submission losses from Dennis, and one from BJ, I can't recall who his other loss was to.

STP is correct. B and C level opponents like Frank Shamrock, Minotauro, Gilbery Yvel, Randy Couture, Arona, Chuck Liddell, Vernon White, Babalu, Anderson Silva and Dean Lister.

Hughes was KO'd by Pele. Mino has never been KO'd

fulton has never been KOed and he has over 200 fights

Wasn't Fulton TKO'd by Brandon Hinkle? The towel was also thrown in vs Horn, which is usually to prevent a brutal KO from happening when someone is taking a severe beating.

I hurt my knee in my fight against Hinkle and tapped to that, I wasnt TKOed.

I told my corner to throw the towel in the 2nd round against Horn because I was really tired. I won round 1 against him, but gassed in the process.

No shame losing again Horn Travis!

Have you ever been in danger of being KO'd before? Who had you in the most trouble?

Chris Lytle has over 25 mma fights and has NEVER been ko'd OR submitted.
What others have this accomplishment?

I see, I saw the TKO but there wasn't a reason for it. That's really impressive then 200 fights without being KO'd

"Chris Lytle has over 25 mma fights and has NEVER been ko'd OR submitted. What others have this accomplishment?"