Horn Sign's Exclusive w/ Euphoria

MMAWeekly.com has learned that Jeremy Horn has signed an exclusive three fight deal with Euphoria.  The deal will keep Horn from fighting for any other organization other than Euphoria for the next three fights.  It's beleived that Euphoria will center the promotion around him and announced it today.

euphoria is turning out to be a hell of an organization. these guys are putting together awesome tournaments and aren't alienating any fighters based on politics. in fact, i've been looking forward to tonight's tourney for a few months. its hard to remember such high anticipation on my part for any recent ufc.

This is good news :)

I knew it! Someone told me on another thread it was KOTC and I tld them I didnt think it was and they said for sure it was


Get Horn in the UFC already! Lets see him against Tito, Belfort and a re-match with Chuck!

Mark my words this event WILL have some of the BEST fights..and fighters

I doubt Horn would sign an exclusive contract with a company unless they had some stipulation that they will promote many events very often.

Very smart move..by Euphoria.

TheAx, I think you're wrong. Horn just fights because it enables him to do what he loves to do, which is to train. If somebody offers him enough money to do just that, I don't think he will care if he fights that often or not.

Euphoria rules!!!


Euphoria is getting better and better as the months go on...


"Horn just fights because it enables him to do what he loves to do, which is to train."

Well, in video interviews and radio interviews, I've heard Horn say that his favorite thing to do is fight. That is why he fights so much, because he loves doing it.

In another interview, he said that they train so much because there is nothing else to do in Iowa.

TTT for horn Smart move!!!

I wish he'd fought Tito at next week's UFC, but good news.

Great move by Euphoria. Jeremy Horn is P4P one of the best fighters in the world, he is a threat at 185, and 205, to any fighter out there.


thanks miguel. making 185 tough for me.

At the signing, Horn said: "I want to thank Euphoria for the opportunity... and I want a piece for that Ebersole sissy!!!!"

Or, something like that.