Horn to the UFC MW Division !!!!!!

If the UFC doesn't sign Horn in the UFC MW Division, there is something wrong.

ZUFFA sign him.

Both would tool Baroni, thus, neither will be signed. The poster boy must be protected.

horn vs. lindland would be cool as hell!

Did Horn win in exciting fashion?

horn vs lindland would rock.

Horn would maul Linland?
I disagree.

See Dana, lets settle this sh1t once and for all.

I believe Horn would beat Lindland .
Lindland is great, but Horn is a fighting cyborg.


However, Horn needs to step up his game beyond the lay in pray style of the Miletich crew. That is why Tiger fought in the UFC at UFC 43, and he stayed on the sidelines. Even though he "won" in KOTC, his style did not appeal to the powers that be.

They should both go to Japan and fight in Pride.

mortal: he just finished the crow in like 1 minute...

good fight but i thik horn would take it

I agree Horn should be back in the UFC for sure

isnt Horn a LHW??

"isnt Horn a LHW??"

HORN is going to focus on fighting at 185 pound division from now on. But Horn said that if other promotions offer him to fight LHW, he said that he will also fight at 205 as well. But he said that he would like to focus on fighting at 185.

i'd rather they sign lindland first...than if they can....bring back horn...but even before that i'd want to see terrell in the ufc first.


Horn finish the Crow in a minute... :)

I'll post tons of pics later tonight :)


Was the fight exciting?

Of course Horn would maul Lindland.. he would submit
him second round