Horn vs Lindland in the UFC.


I see Horn taking this fight but not until the 3rd round. At 185lbs there are few men that can hang with Horn.

I don't think Horn would walk over Linland but IMO I think he would beat him. Would be a good fight either way.

If Horn is invited back, a fight against Lindland would be the absolute LAST fight I'd give him. No knock on either fighter, but the fight would either probably put everyone to sleep or get enough boos to break the sound barrier.

Horn by KO Round 1 (Due to Lindland suplex attempt)



I think Horn at 185lbs is a different fighter. I bet he feels great fighting at this weight. He has more energy and feels strong as hell. Although after his fight The Crow he ate JHR out of house and home in his hotel room. He wouldn't even share LOL. I would have kicked him in the nutz but I was afraid that JHR would have threw me out the window LOL.

All I know is Horn needs to be fighting in Pride Bushido or the UFC. Take your pick I don't care.

I want Jeremy Horn (to be part of my PPV money)

I don't care if it's UFC or Pride.........

"I would have kicked him in the nutz but I was afraid that JHR would have threw me out the window"


I had the window open too...



good matchup

I think this would be a good match-up, and exciting. Each usually takes guys down because his ground game is so much better, sometimes leading to dull dominations. In this case, I can't see either one with a clear advantage (Lindland is obviously the better wrestler but Horn is probably better at subs).

The match-up also makes sense from a sports point of view, since these two guys are top ten at their weight.


sovann if you spent as much time training as you do posting we locals here in PDXland would get to enjoy watching you fight again...ah come on you are missed!

Horn would tie Lindland into a friggin KNOT

This would be an entertaining fight. I think Horn would have the edge on the feet and definately with his technique on the ground. Lindland would be forced to play a ground and pound game while avoiding Horn's submissions. Too bad for Lindland that his strikes from the top position aren't powerful enough to carry the day; however you can always improve these things. I think if the UFC put forth a decent finishing bonus in the fighters contracts and for particular fights, that we would see more exciting and climactic action. Also they could make a rule that a decisive win by ko or submission counts more towards up and coming fighters getting a title shot. This should also go for more established fighters who may be well acquainted with controlling a match to a lack luster decision that insures them a safe yet unsatisfying victory from a viewers stand point. That was one good thing about how the lack of rules affected the early UFCs. All of those guys were trying to win the fight because there was no time limit and no judges, and it was a tournament, so they wanted to get things over with ASAP. However lately victories in the UFC and Pride have looked pretty damn decisive, but this commentary is more geared for the fighters like Lindland, Horn, and all the lighter fighters who aren't being given a fair shake by the establishment because of their styles being percieved as being boring. I love seeing a long back and forth battle in MMA, as long as it is action packed and people aren't just playing for a safe decision at the expense of the overall quality of the event. Situations like UFC 33 are a good example of this, but longer matches where both men are trying to finish the other and taking chances are my favorite to watch because you get to witness the full drama and all the technique which it takes to survive and conqueur your opponent.

oddly enough i think this would be very entertaining... i think theyd be so conscious about being boring that theyd make a good fight