Horn vs Lindland @ UFC 48!?

I was thinking that Horn should fight Lindland for the MW title at UFC 48 since they are the top two 185 pounders currently. Originally I thought that there just isn't the room for that fight on the card with Sylvia/Arlovski vs Mir and Couture vs Belfort. Now that Couture vs Belfort won't be happening until September, why not make this fight happen to crown a champ at this weight.

Peter P

2 things could happen...Lindland by decision or Horn by sub.

I'd like to see it.

YoUtH, I think Horn's best chance to win would be by sub. However I think Horn would have a chance of winning a decision or getting a TKO. Horn has the edge standing and I think Horn could sweep Lindland and even take him down. This is MMA not wrestling. Remember Bustamante took Lindland down twice. Horn took down Couture and Liddell before.

Horn is a very well rounded fighter and will be a force at 185 given the chance. Lindland is also more well rounded lately as evidenced in his recent win over Vitale. I actually think this would be an exciting fight and the winner would deserve the MW title in a division that needs a champ.

Peter P

this would be a dry hump fest.


I think this matchup will be a great technical fight. I really enjoyed watching Lindland's last fight against Vitale. It was a bright spot of UFC 45. Horn or Lindland against a great striker with a good defensive guard might be a "dry hump fest" but I think Horn and Lindland matchup well against each other.

Peter P

I think both fighters have made efforts to improve their aggressiveness. They have both mentioned this in recent interviews. Horn evidently has made great strides in his aggressiveness in fights lately, according to what Monty Cox said today on MMAWEEKLY radio. I think this fight would be surprisingly entertaining for everyone.

love to see that fight, I think it would be great to watch. I would have to go with Horn in a technical battle


Please, no more Linland.

Lindland is an olympic silver medalist and helps give the UFC credibility. I thought he was the bright spot of UFC 45 with all the bs going on there.

Peter P

Horn submits Matt from the gaurd

Linland is an olimpic silver medalist and a snoozefest. The guy is like a sleeping pill.

Linland is fighing next! Take a nap, until the main event!

I thought Matt's fights against Baroni were very exciting. Matt's last fight against Vitale was technical, but exciting. He is becoming more well rounded.

Peter P



JHR, you need not say more.