Horn vs Marquart at Sturgis

Jeremy Horn & Nathan Marquardt have signed on the dotted line to face each other at Sturgis, South Dakota on August 14th.This fight will be in the IFC at 185 pounds.

*Yes I know I spelled Nathan`s name wrong in the title.

OH SHIT!!!!!

This is gonna be a war. I'm INTERESTED in this fight!!! Marquardt is one of my favorite fighters at his weight class, I've always been a fan. He will give Jeremy a serious war. Still... I cannot bring myself to bet against Horn.

Damn! Horn has a tough summer ahead of him. Anderson Silva in June and then Marquart! Of course, he will win both fights.

That's awesome news.

great match up...

DAMN that is a good fight.

These two match up very well, and both are very well rounded.

I would make Horn my pick, but he better not take Marquardt lightly, Marquardt has the skills to beat anyone at 185, and his sprawl&brwal game is no joke.

Horn is on the verge of a career defining summer...this fight is HUGE!!!

He'll beat Silva and Marquardt...And Dana White will still play stupid...

"Jeremy...who was that again"...He needs to get his head out of his ass and snatch him up...

Horn is stepping it up and putting the other 185ers to shame.

After beating Silva and Marquardt there is no way the UFC will be able to keep Horn out.

"After beating Silva and Marquardt there is no way the UFC will be able to keep Horn out."

Sure they will. They know he'll eat the 185lb'ers alive and don't want that to happen for some reason.

Tremendous news!

I really like watching Nathan fight..but he has never
faced competition like Horn and I doubt there is any
way he can win this fight..Horn by submission

Muaythaidaddy is correct. If we can't get into one of the top two, we'll fight the best that's available.

I think Marquardt would be a top Welterweight, but not MW. Still, I think this will be a great fight.

Peter P

ttt.. great fight!

somebody has to tape this

WOW...this fight is going to be awesome...



That's the week of the Harley Davidson rally, is it not?

Go Jeremy!