Horn vs. Stout Headlines EC 57

Horn-Stout bout headlines Extreme 57
Monte Cox
COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa -- It has been three years since Jeremy Horn fought near his hometown of Omaha. Since that time he has emerged as one of the top fighters in all of mixed martial arts, going 22-2-1 and earning the No. 2 ranking in the world at 185 pounds.
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thursday? why a thursday?

"Why a Thursday?"

The is a huge drop off in price when you rent from a casino on a weeknight,compared to a weekend.But thats just a assumption on my part.


Actually the casino is booked every weekend and this is the only time a fight could be made, and will be the last fight at Harrah's for the summer. The crowd in Council Bluffs is loyal and hungry for the ever increasing talent that can be brought in for them.

Having a weeknight event would be a nightmare for most promoters. This event is already well on its way to selling out!

What is the date and time of the event??

BTW Victory Jay, you NEED to have a Josh Neer/Spencer Fisher rematch!!!

I am DYING to see this fight after the close controversial decision last time!

Rematch between Neer and Fisher is doubtful... Neer is now traininh at MFS with Fisher.

It will make both fighters better.


TTT for John Jazz Owens



"Man, that's why Horn has so many wins, the guy has no business fighting Stout."

Nah Brian... Stout is very good, and has fought UFC... So they're both UFC veterans, but no longer fight for the org.

And hey, UFC is the big player, they've deemed Horn as someone not worthy for their show so he's got to fight somewhere.... No?

I was also implying that since UFC has relegated him to b level fighter status (WHATEVER!), then he may as well run with it and fight other b fighters...

Besides which, they're not exactly going to take someone from the UFC or Pride, and Stout would be in the next tier of fighters IMO.

Stout's last fight was a huge KO

This last year has been all about the fact that no fight is a given.


Will we be able to buy the video to this or watch over the internet?


Damn,I had a crew of guys wanting to come and watch this event but we can't if it's on a thursday.That's kind of stupid,some people have to work for a living.I guess as usual I'll have to watch another great event on video

"FEATURE BOUTS Kyle Jensen vs Josh Neer"

Could be the fight of the night. Josh might have the best chin in the mid-west....Joe Jordan