Horn vs. Terrell

Who wins in a sub grappling match. No points, but TO THE FINISH.

Horn by "how the fuck did he do that?"

Jeremy Horn.

Why? Because he is God.


Horn...because Terrell would leave the arena

One of the great rationalizations of all time.

dan - on Terrell's best day his actions were immature and unprofessional.

Clearly Terrell is an amazing talent and we all want to see more of them. His actions that night don't make me want to see him any less but at least admit it was a stupid move.

That whole adventure was bullshit! Terrell played by the rules and Horn wanted to change them.

Terrell being scared?
Take the bullshit out of it, let them roll and I'll take Terrell.

Did I miss something,what happened?

If I had the tape I wouldn't be asking what happened?What's the story on this and what event was it?I don't really follow the small shows anymore.I don't even know who Terrell is

Dan Black, please remove Terrell's ball sack from your chin. This whole holier than thou attitude you have towards him is creepy.

If he is so innocent, than why did Cesar Gracie SUSUPEND him from the team for a short while following this incident? Oh yea, it's b/c he refused to weigh in with Jermemy and ALL THE OTHER FIGHTERS.

Go smoke another bowl kidd....


That is NOT the story that I heard from Jeremy! You go ahead and give your biased view, I will give mine, and I am sure that the truth is somewhere in the middle! ;)

Jeremy simply wanted Dave to weigh in so that he would know what the weight difference was, but Dave refused. Jeremy had a reason for this, but I don't remember what he told me. I will try to remember the next time that I talk to him to ask him. But, what was so hard about stepping on the scale for Dave? Jeremy would have still fought him. By the way, how can you say that the IFC should have told Jeremy to suck a dick when Jeremy had NO representation when Dave weighed in the day before? That sounds a little fishy to me, don't you think?

Well, anyway, I am not in any way trying to insult Dave, as I think he is one of the most underrated guys out there, but I can't just sit back and watch you tell half-truths about a friend!

I am on my way out the door to VFC, so I won't be able to respond until tomorrow!

numerouno is correct. I have massive respect for Terrell's skills, but it's hard to defend his actions in that IFC event. I personally saw Horn warming up and ready to fight.

Keep in mind that Horn had a much longer trip to Fresno than Terrell did. I don't think Horn would just say "Nope, fight's off" because Terrell was a little bigger. Horn has fought Minotauro, for fuck's sake.

"Jeremy simply wanted Dave to weigh in so that he would know what the weight difference was, but Dave refused."

I heard the same thing, from a few people.

C' mon BZLJJ,

Jeremy has fought the likes of Randy Couture, Ricrado Arona, Dean Lister, Frank Shamrock, etc.

Surely he would be scared to step in the cage with Dave Terrell.


Yeah, Horn's been known in the past to be too scared to fight...\


What a big steamy pile of shit that story is....


Has anyone ever heard the phrase "beating a dead horse."This unfortunate situation happened 3 fucking years ago.Each side is going to have there "correct version" of the story.Who gives a shit.The thread started off asking a simple question.In my opinion Terrell would win a grappling match hands down.Now if you are talking MMA.Than i yhink the outcome would still be the same but by no means would it be a one sided fight.HORN IS A VERY CRAFTY VETERAN with great skill.How ever Terrell is just a freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is just my opinion so all the Horn nut huggers that have way to much time on thier hands dont get your panties all bunched up.Just go to work or better yet go train and dissect this latter...........

LOL @ napalm. You're a bigger turd than Chronic Boy.

I don't evemn like Jeremy Horn but when Dan comes here and misrepresents facts and you try to cover up his LIES by calling us nuthuggers, I can't help but laugh at you.

You, Fletch, and Dan should start a focus group and talk about why those that suck at Jiu Jitsu feel a need to idoloze and live vicaroulsy through those with talent.

ok,I do remember that story now I had just forgotten the guy's name that Horn was supposed to fight as I was and am still unfamiliar with him

Just out of curiosity, if Horn didn't care what Terrell weighed, why did it matter that he step on the scale? I don't know these guys personally but it seems like a bit of a mind game to me from Horn and Terrell just didn't want to play.

"I never lie, only exaggerate and use alot of sarcasm.."

LOL!!! ttt for honesty!! :)

Numero, In no way shape or form was i or am I nut hugging i gave my opinion.I give horn mad respect as a fighter.The point i am making is this happened years ago.Yet people still bring it up.You can not argue that when it comes to grappling Terrell is the man.He has beaten some of the best in the world and from what i saw on the pancrase tape(Terrell k.o's Sasaki)He is a monster in mma.The funny thing is that all the tards who bring this up where not there.It is always."I heard this "or "I heard that".No one knows what was going on but the two indaviduals involved. Hopefully someday we can see this fight happen and be done with this................................

P.s numerouno KISS MY ASS ROMO