Horn's last 25 fights....

Since losing to Elvis Sinosic by armbar in 2001, Jeremy Horn has gone 22-2-1 in his last 25 fights.

During this run, he has wins over David Loiseau, Dean Lister, Forrest Griffin, Tiger White, Homer Moore, Travis Fulton, Gilbert Yvel and Akira Shoji.

He has finished in 16 of his 22 wins.

Horn is way too good to not be in the UFC or PRIDE. The UFC in particular NEED's fighters, and Horn can fight at MW or LHW.

Horn needs a contract. Zuffa, make it happen!

who was his draw against?

i just dont get it, hes a total bad as and a finisher as well.

useless: He drew against James Zikic at Extreme Brawl six months ago.

The knock on Horn for most people is that he's boring. I agree that he WAS. But his game just keeps improving. He's KOing people with high kicks, gn'p 'em and slapping on his vast array of subs. He MUST be given a UFC contract!

Horn has more fights against top ten guys than most guys have ROUNDS in their careers.

He's an old school fighter. He reminds me of boxers from the 30s that fought all the time, so they always stayed in shape.

" He reminds me of boxers from the 30s that fought all the time, so they always stayed in shape."

Perfect analogy.

He and Hendo just don't get the attention they deserve. I'm always up for seeing Jeremy fight, in any event! I would like to see him in the top two though, he's a first rate fighter for sure, and has the ability to beat anyone at 185.

I think Horn would own UFC at 185. At 205, he'd give anybody a run for their money, too.

maybe so but his last 3 PPVs have been zzzzzzz

horn fought couture to a close descision too, even got takedowns

As I said months ago, Horn could beat both Tito and Chuck ( and maybe Randy). he already beat Chuck once, and needed an extra round to lose a decision to a heavyweight couture. He's top ten.

Who are his 2 loses recently to?

Horn is an amazing fighter. well rounded and very talented on the ground SIGN him now!!!!!

One of the two losses was to Babalu (spelling?)

He lost to Renalto "Babalu" Sobral and Ricardo Arona, both by decision. These are Horn's only two loses in over THREE YEARS!

Since 1998 (!) Horn has been stopped once, by Elvis who armbarred him. Since his loss to Ebenezer Fontes Braga by guillotine at UFC Brazil, Horn has a record of 56-6-2. In those six years, he's been stopped ONCE! That's fucking amazing!

How many fighters in MMA have gone six years and 65 fights with only ONE stoppage against them? NONE!

I am a fan of Jeremy's. He definately should be fighting in the UFC. Personally I think his appearance is holding him back. If a normal looking Jeremy Horn fights 185lb poster boy Phil Baroni and taps him, how will they keep Phil fighting? How do they market jeremy without abs?

This is part of Zuffa's problem. Instead of promoting skilled fighters who carry themselves with class(Horn, Lindland, Couture) they are going for the WWF effect.

I don't understand why he is not back with the UFC or in Japan.

i think he'd be in PRide right now except for the fact that he went out of his way to be boring against the 2 lesser fighters that they gave him. THen he went out of his way to be boring against Vernon White in KOTC

I agree that he seems more exciting now, and I hope he's in the UFC soon.

I saw Horn at the UFC last weekend and, as usual, he's one of the coolest most approachable guys out there. I of course asked when he'd be in the UFC and he said "Dana White hates me". We laughed but I think he was serious about Dana not wanting him for some reason.

About 5 minutes later I saw White and talked with him - super cool too! But I didn't get a chance to ask him about Horn. IMO Horn is one of the best out there.

Jeremy should be in the big show

jeremy is a great fighter but he does lack the luster that dana is looking for. people that truely understand mma know how good he is. i would like him fight silva in pride. silva always seems to fight some of these unheard japanese guys. these would be a great way to make a name for himself. besides pride pays more. go for the money jeremy!! with all those fights you should be rich by now. ps i think silva is vulnerable to the ground.