Horn's last 25 fights....

J-Ho in da hizzy!!! The man needs to be in the UFC. Horn vs. Terrell, Dana make it happen.

Horn certainly deserves to be in the UFC or Pride, but I think he needs to aggressively pursue a spot. He should've went and talked to Dana himself and made his case. Forget personal feelings...business is business.

I think he also fights in too many of the smaller shows. That kind of establishes the idea that he BELONGS on that level in people's minds.

I was under the impression that he was comfortable fighting in these small promotions and didn't really care if he made it to the "big leagues".

travis told me about that fight with horn. said he tried to beat the shit out of him during the first round, but gassed.


Horn in the UFC, make it happen!

Can anybody give me some info ?

I'm not familiar with him but hear he's pretty good ?


JHR, here's his MMA record from Sherdog.Com's Fight Finder. Perhaps this will give you a little more insight on Jeremy Horn.

The problem with Jeremy Horn is that he's boring to the casual MMA fan, not to true or die-hard fans. For example, I was watching a tape of UFC 19: Ultimate Young Guns the other day and Jeremy Horn fought Chuck Liddel. I found it entertaining, and I'm sure there are others that find that entertaining also. However, a casual fan wants to see someone get KTFO'd and Jeremy Horn doesn't fight like that.

Keep in mind, also, that Tito or Chuck haven't even won 22 fights in their last 25 matches

"Keep in mind, also, that Tito or Chuck haven't even won 22 fights in their last 25 matches"

Keep in mind, they may not have that many wins, COMBINED, in their careers.

He should have been in the UFC like 2 years ago!

This has to be the 20th Horn petition I have signed and I am getting tired of it already!

Horn ROCKS, and if you think he's boring it's probably just because you're a FLAMING HOMOSEXUAL WITH A SCORCHING CASE OF HERPES!!!

If you think he's so boring then pick a fight with him and show him how 'exciting' you are!!

Great fighter, one of the very best

"all he did was lay on top of his opponets"

Not True. Chuck was the one laying on top of Horn, lifeless.

Chuck can have a rematch with Horn any time that he wants. He can avenge his loss anytime that he wants. Dana owes Chuck. Why isn't it happning? Chuck dosn't want a avenge his loss? He does want to fight Randy again butt not Horn?

I don't think chuck wants any part of horn.

what do u think, Pitmaster?

Thank you  mushemush for the info !

I think I will check out some of his fights :)


Horn kicks A$$ and should be in the show!

ttt 4 horn

Actually Glen, the question should be how many MMA fighters even have 65 fights in their record at all ?!? Not only is Horn a beast, he's the best MMA'er in terms of wins/MMA fights altogether.

He's a beast, everyone knows that, but they like to have something to bitch about on a regular basis...so they use a few fights that they perceive to be "boring" to use as a tool to start verbal wars.

Horn is sick, he's one of the best in the game today.


The main knock on Horn is that he doesn't LOOK like a fighter. By that I mean he's a bit flabby--which shocks me considering how much he must train. If he had Frank Shamrock's body he would be the UFC posterboy right now.

I don't like it, but that's how the world works...


Uncle Justice, Shhhhh !!!



"useless: He drew against James Zikic at Extreme Brawl six months ago."

That's because there were no judges.