Horn's new gym?

Has anybody been? Is Horn the one teaching classes? How much to train there? Who is training there?


I heard Justin Ellison is involved, but that's all I know.

No Horn is not the one teaching class, although he does train there. It's run by a guy named Griffen. The place is called Walt Bayless combat Jiu Jitsu. The cost depends on what your rate is. For example, a yearly contract would run at 90 /month.

We know about Griff's; however, there has been talk for a while now that Horn is opening up his own place.

Oh I see. feels like dumbass

I too would like to know about this.

arent you up at the university of utah?
isnt there some kind of MMA club up there, ran by Mike Zeigler AKA the ringworm.

No I'm not at the U of U, but I've heard there is a club up there.

One of the U of U club guys fought at UCE once and got soooooooo worked. That's al I know about it.

That's Ringworm who fought UCE and is the guy who founded the U of U MMA club. He has actually won a couple of fights too.

TTT - Still waiting for news about Horn's gym, and I'm starting to think it is nothing more than urban legend.

ALright, here's the rumored address:
940 south and 700 west Elite Perfomance MTWTH at 6 pm.

DJ, any word on that gym? Is Horn really starting a place?

Guys, the "rumors" are true. Horn has a gym and it is on 700 west 940 south. Take the opportunity to come in and train. I come all the way from Provo to train there and I will be bringing guys like Derek Downey and Other guys from Utah County up to train, while guys like Jeremy, Justin and most of the guys from Justins old school.

Anybody is welcome to come in, great training. As far as how much it costs- I cant really say, Horn can tell you. He is in Japan this week cornering Jens in his fight with Gomi in Pride.

Oh shit! This is great news. What's the place called? Some contact info. would be appreciated.

This is the info I have from my site's school listing:

Elite Performance

Instructor #1: Jeremy Horn

Instructor #2: Justin Ellison

City: Salt Lake City

Address: 990 So. 700 West


Monday through Thursday, and Saturday

Mornings start at 10AM

Evenings start at 6PM

Monday/ Wed. consist of Boxing/ Kickboxing

Tuesday/Thursday consist of Grappling, and Instruction.

Saturday training is open to both.

I'm going to be stopping by next week, sounds great.

I hope its still there when I move back to SLC next year. Sounds awesome.