Horror Movie villains who weren't so bad.

Jigsaw from SAW. Don’t be an asshole and he won’t make you be a participant in one of his games.

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Candyman: I mean you have to literally ask him three times in front of a mirror to show up and kill you. 


Pinhead and the Cenobites: You have to open the box and almost everyone knows it's bad news before opening it. 


Jerry Dandrige-Fright Night: I think he liked Charlie, and Charlie had to keep fucking with him. I still don't know if his Kevin Bacon-looking butler was his gay zombie or what. I am still confused by that one. 


Pinhead and the Cenobites, are called by desire. To experience the far reaches of pleasure and pain. You pretty much have to be a sexual deviant for him to come for you, you also have to have the desire. Hands alone will not make them come after you.

I believe it was part 2 when the mute girl opens the box “WAAAIIITTTT…NO!” - Pinhead

“No?” - Female Cenobite

“No.” - Pinhead

“It is not hands that call us, It is desire.” - Pinhead

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All of the Universal Monsters were sympathetic. That’s what made them so great. Frankenstein, Wolfman, Dracula, Creature, Mummy, Phantom, Invisible Man were all fairly decent blokes unless you fucked with them.

Dracula literally killed/turned people he just met, and carried soil around with him to England where he could go kill more people. 1931 Dracula that is.

Yeah, Dracula was the least sympathetic of the group, but still, he didn’t really have a choice in the matter (dude had to eat) and was very hospitable and polite to his victims. It wasn’t his fault that he was an alpha predator and humans were his primary food source.