Hospital in Texas says No Jab No Job! As Nurses Fired

Pretty clear from what you’re writing that you eat up a lot of conspiracy theory stuff that’s put online exactly for you.

Holy cow, how are they going to respond to that?!

I don’t know and don’t care. Just pointing out the hypocrisy yet again. It’s a hobby of mine.

Who’s these guy’s???
Employer’s are making the vaccine mandatory…

The man!

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the video that accompanied it stated one prong of the legal argument wasnt valid for hospital workers (ADA) because a reasonable accommodation couldnt be made for hospital workers

That doesn’t make it law. What did you think “my body, my choice” referred to?

A couple thoughts.

  1. if an employer requires this, I believe they open themselves up to liability for side effects. Fake Pie can correct me if I’m wrong. You otherwise have no one to sue.

  2. if I am responsible for my co-workers’ health, taking this shot is just the beginning. I’ll be waking those fatties up with an air horn to go running, then I’m going to control their diet, what they drink/don’t drink, how late they stay up, etc. I’m going to be David fucking Goggins all up in their shit. I’m the fun police.

  3. if the retort to “my body, my choice” is “there’s consequences to your actions”, I’m all for it. Employers should be able to fire those who choose to be obese, smokers, drinkers, etc. They are a burden on my health plan and increase costs. Or, people who choose to get an abortion. Hell, what if they choose to have children? Shitcan them! Allow companies to implement a standardized physical fitness test. Sound good to everyone?


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Have you been living under a rock? The Occupy Wall Street losers have been carrying water for large corporations for years now.

Nice post!

I’ll take my chances with Ivermectin.

Lol exactly fuck these bitches that jabbed innocent kids that had no choice.

At least not until 2023 or 24 when the “trials” are up

Im all for businesses being allowed to hire and fire who they want, but most drugs are considered potentially dangerous until they are FDA certified, so it seems like you are knowingly endangering your employees by requiring an unapproved drug for which there is no option to even recoup damages if it fucks you up. Im not sure if that should be illegal, but it does seem immoral.

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It’s also a hip marketable term, vaccine isn’t. The messaging all quickly adopted it, whether with prior use or not.


Yes and that’s why everyone who has willingly murdered a child should be rounded up and summarily executed. Then we can get to work on the people who enable them.

Many black state workers have refused the vaccine and cited the government’s history of experimenting on them in the past. The state dicktucked immediately. It’s all in how you go about it.

Label the hospital as racist, broad cast it world wide, problem solved