Hostage to the Devil

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* This Is the only exorcism reported in this book for which I have no transcript and could not conduct extensive interviews. My sole source was Father Michael himself, who recounted these events to me and allowed me to read his diaries.

The main door of Puh-Chi was ajar when the police chief arrived. A small knot of men and women stood watching. They could see Father Michael standing in the middle of the floor. Over in one corner there was another figure, a young, naked man, suddenly ravished by an unnatural look of great age, a long knife in his hands. On the shelves around the inner walls of the storehouse lay rows and rows of naked corpses in various stages of mutilation and putrefaction.

"YOU!!" the naked man was screaming as the police captain elbowed his way to the door, "YOU want to know MY name!" The words "you" and "my" hit the captain like two clenched fists across the ears. He saw the priest visibly wilt and stagger backward. But, even so, it was the voice that made the captain wonder. He had known Thomas Wu. Never had he heard him speak with such a voice.

"In the name of Jesus," Michael began weakly, "you are commanded . . ."

"Get outta here! Get the hell outta here, you filthy old eunuch!"

"You will release Thomas Wu, evil spirit, and ..."

"I'm taking him with me, pigmy," came the voice from Thomas Wu. "I'm taking him. And no power anywhere, anywhere, you hear, can stop us. We are as strong as death. No one stronger! And he wants to come! You hear? He wants to!"

"Tell me your name ..."

The priest was interrupted by a sudden roaring. No one there could say later how the fire started. An incendiary? A spark carried by the wind from burning Nanking? It was like a sudden, noisy ambush sprung by a silent signal. In a flash the fire had jumped up, a living red weed running around the sides of the storehouse, along the curved roof, and across the wooden floor by the walls.

The police captain was already inside, and he gripped Father Michael by the arm, pulling him outside.

The voice of Wu pursued them over the noise: "It's all one. Fool! We're all the same. Always were. Always."

Michael and the captain were outside by then and turned around to listen.

"There's only one of us. One . . ."

The rest of the sentence was drowned in a sudden outburst of flaming timbers.

Now, the glass rectangle of the single window was darkening over with smoke and grime. In a few minutes it would be impossible to see anything. Michael lurched over and peered in. Against the window he could see Thomas' face plastered for an instant of fixed, grinning agony a horrible picture, a Bosch nightmare come alive.

Long, quickly lashing tongues of flame were licking at Thomas' temples, neck, and hair. Through the hissing and crackling of the fire, Michael could hear Thomas laughing, but very dimly, almost lost to I lie ear. Between the flames he could see the shelves with their gray-white load of corpses. Some were melting. Some were burning. Eyes oozing out of sockets like broken eggs. Hair burning in little tufts.

you know this thread is a real let down, i thought we were going to be treated to your sordid tale of being held hostage to the devil.


Please go away.


ttt interesting

I hope this is fiction?

"In 1976 Satanism was presented, and was probably regarded by most Americans, as a
box office and a bookstore draw. In fact, Hostage to the Devil was intended as a clear
warning that Possession is not- nor was it ever-some tale of dark fancy featuring ogres
and happy endings. Possession is real; and real prices are paid.
Now, in America of the 1990s, there is little question of demonic Possession as. an
entertainment. Among families everywhere and at every level of society, there is
instead a justifiable fear. Most of all, this fear is for children. And in point of fact,
there are few families not already affected in some way by Satanism. Even by
ritualistic Satanism-formal ceremonies and rites organized and performed by
individuals and groups in professed worship of Satan."

Do any of you guys have families affected by satanism?

well i would have been effected but frankly the devil isn't really willing to give me the money i want for my soul. i will not burn in eternity for a penny less that 1 million. I think thats reasonable.

But we are still in negotitations and he might just be playing hardball to lower the price.

Its not fiction.  Its a book about five different cases of possession. 

Do you believe in demonic posession?

I believe that possession does occur, but that it is pretty rare and that is something the author of Hostage points out..  I also believe that some people are genuinely evil and are probably under some kind of demonic influence.  The book called "The People of the Lie" discusses this in detail and it is a very chilling book to read without the caricatures of evil that we are frequently shown in popular culture.

Here is a news story from Russia about exorcism in the E. Orthodox Church.


I've heard the same things.  Hard to get a true sense of who he was.

Hostage to the Devil is the only book I put down and walked away from because it was too intense. The third story did it for me.

Reading now.