Hot Doug sighting today on plane! (Pic)

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Random sighting of OGer!
Is he still around?!?

He was an OGer?

He’s already the best Doug we’ve ever had


haha yah what happend? Severns, you still have that DOOR?

I’ll never forgive that guy for closing his restaurant before I had a chance to try it

I like the American flag socks. This man is a patriot.

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What is that hot dog jerky?

Hot dog thc edibles?? Genius.

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I went there a couple of times and quite honestly, it wasn’t worth the wait in line.

Private jet?

I was one of the last people to eat at hot doug’s. It was delicious

Severnsmustache makes me feel like shit about my life. Gun rooms, fancy doors and private jets. Living the life.

Someone called?

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My god those socks!

American Reaction GIF by MOODMAN


Fuck it, I am done playing with you.

I always try and have some old glory represented.

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Oh Ive caught some of your subtle hints!

I am just choosing to play dumb and pretend like no one knows me on here in real life…


Ha, that gif didn’t show up on my phone when I responded earlier… That is glorious

small one.