Hot Ones "Last Dab" hot sauce ain't shit

You dont understand…i have probably 30 open bottles of hot sauce at any time. I wouldnt even have anywhere to keep em if not in the spare fridge.

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Get yourselves summa this. It’s pretty damn hot and tastes great.


Oh damn last I check the guy only had one flavor. Original was it.

I’ve been meaning to try this one and their Black Label Reserve. I’ve eaten so much of their regular chili habanero sauce over the years I didn’t get around to trying the other ones besides the green habanero and the jalapeno. Think I’m gonna get a variety pack to try all the ones I have not tried yet.
$22 for six 4 ounce bottles,

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I ordered a bottle of this couple years ago. Good taste but hot as hell.

The black one is amazing. It’s the fastest I ever went through a bottle. I put that shit on everything.

Good to hear. I might get two of those then because I’ve had the green habanero and jalapeno already and was not huge on those like I am the red habanero. Think I’ll get two of the black when I get the six pack.

Not stupid hot, but decent heat and great garlic and chile flavor. Has chunks in it so it would make a great wing sauce.

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Even if you told me it was the best sauce eva, I just could never buy a bottle with a label that had Steve O with fireworks up his ass.

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Try here!

Even if you told me it was the worst sauce ever, I would buy it just for that!


Spoken like a true OGer.

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