Hot Rox $ucks

Waste of money. It slowed down my weight loss. I was burning about 3lbs a week before hot rox. I started taking it and slowed down to 1.5 lbs a week doing the same workout with the same diet. I finished the bottle and the last too weeks I am back loseing 3 lbs a week... Waste Waste Waste...


Don't buy supplements.

I'm going through a bottle of it now... too early to tell yet if it helps or not. I think it may have been responsible for making me feel like $hit for a few days when I first started taking it though, although I'll concede that it might have been a coincidence (or another supplement).

I'd like for it to be somewhat effective, especially now that the f#@king government has outlawed ephedra...


Are you sure you weren't gaining muscle? I did.

Even though Biotest/T-mag are some shady fuckers, and Hot-rox is way overpriced -- it does work.

And also be careful w/ 3 lbs a week -- thats alot unless you're really overweight.

I tend to like Biotest's stuff. I had a friggin allergic reaction to Hot Rox. I went through one bottle, fine. Second bottle, my face instantly flushed and I could feel the moisture leaving my face. My friend had good results, though.


Where are you losing the weight from??? All the pics I've ever seen of you show that you're a very fit guy already. I don't know how you could be losing weight like that....

Did you stop training for awhile or something? (I did and gained quite a bit of weight! Still trying to lose it all)

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