Hot young fully shot up Dr dead blood clots

Just a covidcidence

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Damn. Pretty girl too. Shame.

Nothing to see here.

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Do not mess with blood clots. They are no joke.


So if unvaccinated healthy weight people under 30 have a 99.99% chance to survive covid infection then just how much better do the odds get for a fully vaccinated healthy weight person under 30?

Is this just a case of her being an insanely unlucky anomaly? If not then there should be more stories of vaccinated doctors in their 20’s dying.

Anecdotes of vaccinated and unvaccinated deaths don’t tell us much until they really start to pile up and conflict with the official data.

Sad she’d still be here today if not for that fucking useless shot


Kinda looks like that crazy drunk doctor screaming at her Uber driver a few years ago.

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I’m glad she died. Only because of the snapchat filter. Bitch you don’t look like that.

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Breakthrough Delta infection. Sure.


Its unfortunate that the data is skewed in every direction. That is the worst part of all of this, and IMO it is being done on purpose to divide people. Look at how people treat each other now. They wish genuine death on each other over their disagreements that arise from the lack of any reliable information. I dont think that this “pandemic” wasn’t designed with that in mind.

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all good questions.

But the fact is, YOU WILL GET THE SHOT.

More pics!! So we can like grieve her and stuff.


She lost 50 good years left in her life unlike the avg covid death that’s above life expectancy. Think about that.


And I’m sure there are tons of people who would disagree with you about this, based on alternate data that they believe. It is nearly impossible to get near the truth on this so everyone only has a guess at whats going on.

I believe, based on the things I have seen and my personal experiences, that this was planned and that the misinfo and confusion is a big part of that plan and many people don’t notice because they are already wound up in it.

She took a risk and she died. RIP.