Hottest Fighter

Which Fighter do you guys think is the hottest?

I know a lot of these guys have all kinds of people propositioning them but which one do you think is the hottest.

If I had to guess I know that GSP would rank pretty highly. After him maybe a guy like Rich Franklin.

What do you guys think?

Actually, the question didn't say "guy" it said "fighter" so I'll go with Gina Carano.

Young Vitor is hard to beat.

Eric the midget - whats that strange ad on the UG?


Veegoh's troll

Vitor may be number one... I forgot about him since I haven't seen him fight in a little while.

i believe one of the rua brothers was a male model. also bas was one when he was younger.

 Gina Carano is the only acceptable answer here!

Beep anyone?!


2 hottest to me
#1 I would marry this girl

and #2 Michelle Waterson I definitely would not pull out

 Veegay must be looking for a date

Ambushit - Beep anyone?!


Thank you for saying what needed to be said.

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Toss up between both Vera's.


Kerry is fucking gorgeous, beautiful smile, great personality, strong work ethic,great body what do you fags call hot???

Of course Gina Carano, but lets not forget about Miesha Tate & Erin Toughill. I would enjoy them having full guard on me.


Randy seems to be getting hotter as he gets older... I bet the twenty somethings are all over him.

Roger Huerta or GSP..... uhh I mean.... Gina Carano and whenever Arianny Celeste becomes a pro fighter :)