Houma Results

Main Event and CO Main Event (Both Exhibitions)

Ricky Folse vs Kenny Stevens

John Dixson vs Daryn Caraline

Under Card

Cory Johnson def Fred Griswald (NHB)

Adam Brune def Kenneth Cavaler (NHB)

Joe Theriot def Chris McCalop (BOXING)

Brent Caraline def Anthony Barbier (KickBoxing)

Brian McKenny def Shelton Gaultar (NHB)

Justin Verdan vs Roy Johnston


Good job to all of the winners. To the ones that didn't fare too well, keep working hard!

Good job, Cory!

Stewart "flowerfeeder" Dowouis

its good to see brian won. he had trained really hard for that fight.

jeff, get in touch with me man. its been too long. i'm putting on a show this weekend.

How did Kenny Syevens and John Dixon do?

Kenny bout was just an exhibition. It was 4 rounds long. Folse won by unanimous decision. John bout was a 3 round exhibitions and was a Draw. But both fights were entertaining.