HOUSE Cat DEFENDS its House!

Footage has emerged showing the moment a leopard jumped out of a house in India as officials tried to catch it.

Local residents called experts after they saw the big cat enter a building, which is currently under construction, in Madhya Pradesh.

It then moved to another residence, where it stayed for almost three hours before officials arrived.

"The leopard, around eight years old, had come from a forested area near here and caused panic among local residents," Uttam Yadav, in charge of the civic-run Kamla Nehru Zoo told NDTV.



How the fuck did they expect that to work? They all deserved to be eaten. Wtf. 

That is one lucky mother fucker.


I bet he shit himself though.

What were they holding up, a screen? A screen to catch a fucking leopard?!

leapard is a badass


they should find it a female

All you need is a laser pointer and a large cat carrier. Not that big a deal.