House of the Dragon HBO Season 1

Dont @ me in random threads like an obsessed ex

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You said there were Black vikings in this thread here.
Well, you got some evidence for your faggot claims?

I heard this is the same shot. What do you guys say?


It is. 100% confirmed.

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The horse accident was weird. Spike does look kind of scary looking though I guess.

Now I wanted the dialogue to go

“I knew you couldn’t finish the job!”

picks up rock
“As you wish…”

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Ser Harwin looked like #25 in that melee, straight up wrecking fools.

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Aaron Donald dual wielding helmets would bash everybody in that melee the fuck up.

I love how Dad gives a nod to his boy “get your ass in there” and he dives right in to the brawl then snatches up the princess. Gotta be ready to seize your moment when it comes


This doesn’t capture the other 3-4 dudes he easily dispatched on his way to grab Rhaenyra.