Household Emergency Kit?

Anyone made one of these? Picture there's a natural disaster or some shit and you're either a) without power for a long period or time or b) you have to leave your home.

I'm considering putting some stuff together and I know there's some paranoid and resourceful morherfuckers on the OG.

I'm thinking gas heater and spare gas bottle, decent torch, water, tinned food, first aid kit, multi-tool and some lube for those lonely nights. What you got? Phone Post 3.0

Good example here Phone Post 3.0

Hadn't heard of those water filters before, they look useful!

Been eyeing up Sportsman generators but will have a look at converting one and see what the price looks like overall.

Will send a VU your way when it refreshes! Phone Post 3.0

Awesome, thanks for the links! Phone Post 3.0

Kvr, regarding the water purifier, any idea what the shelf life is on the filters if not used?

Thanks, I really need to get one of these in case shtf

We use ours daily. We purchased the royal berkey since we have 2 kids and my parents stay with us for a week every month. I recommend you go as big as you can afford, but they are pricey. Phone Post 3.0