Houston Alexander vs Sherman Pendergarst ( gif )



(c) Karel

that first kick to the knee was brutal


Big Knees!

 I really liked his leg kicks. Right off the bat he landed 2 very nice strong leg kicks before Pender had the time to shoot for a TD.

Definitely helped Houston defend them, a few minutes later he's landed what? 6 sick kicks in total? and then finished him off.

I didn't even know Houston was let go by the UFC

Houston can really explode when he gets the chance, wow!

Houston is a beast. seems like a cool guy out of the cage as well.


So glad Houston won last night. Cant wait to see him in the UFC. Sherman looked like he had never been kicked in the leg before...he was done after two kicks. You think he would have learned to check a kick after the hardonk fight.

 I think it's time he got a title shot with Lyoto.