Houston Choke Slam GIF

Anyone have it?



ttt 4 gif



That and the Boetsch throw were great

Nice!!!!!!!!!! a la Undertaker!!!! See the WWE is already happening!


A true Pro Wrestling style choke slam...I love it!!!

I agree! I dont care if he lost that fight, that was one of the most badass things I have seen! Even if you win, your ass got choke slammed! Facking awesome!

lol guys, I think I'd rather win. :)


cant get enough of that choke slam

the fact that he can do choke slams might be useful to him if he didn't have the ground game of a paraplegic

That's all nice and good till he runs into James Irvin's shots.

if he wors on his ground game, he'll be truly dungerous.

For now he is at the level of Baroni.

That sloppy ghetto TD got him swept like 10 seconds later and then he got his big dome pounded out.

so what exactly is ghetto about that take down..if someone like dan hendo...or matt hughes took someone down like that..it would be cool an just an example of there raw power but since its houston the takedown is ghetto..hmmm

After all the work James did in Brazil preparing for this fight I could see the same thing happening to Houston again.

LOL, Houston is real brute force.