How a belt promo should be! (video

This is why it's an honor to get a BJJ belt. NO other organization takes promotions as serious as this.

When I was 13, I had to do that for my Karate Yellow Belt. I am a fair skinned irish dude, and you could see the stitching from the belt in the bruises on my back..LOL. I never told my mom! The good ol' days!!

lol. at the dudes REALLY getting into it winding up 2 handed.

What belt did they just earn?

that is just lame. I ran through a gnarley line up for my Blue but now just think the whole thing is lame. I love how the WHITE belts are the one winding up the furthest.

I saw a Black Belt promote recently. We all rushed him and playfully slapped and a couple long term training partners hit him hard but nothing like that.

I whack'em...I dont care...LOL. When I get my brown, I dont mind having to go biggie.

lol, copped the same thing myself 2 nights ago.

SSHHHEEEEEIIIIIIITTTTTT they got it easy. Anyone under Renzo affiliated gets sneaked attack.

LOL, if that was a vid of a tma class you guys would be all over it with derogatory comments..

For the record, I think stuff like that is lame.

I bet that chick didnt do that!

You gotta love that.

I don't think it's lame. I have went through it twice and hopefully, I'll do it one more time. I think it's a right of passage.

I'm glad that BJJ belts mean something. It would be an honor to go through it to get my brown belt.

TTT for the Gauntlet!

I can't wait to promote in BJJ! Forget the skill and determination it takes to achieve the new belt level, I want every body to whip the shit out of me with their belts! Awesome! JKB



i was just handed mine. i feel cheated.

De La Riva style

thats how i was promoted when DeLaRiva came to the school and did the promotions.

I remember getting wacked in the face by Nog and Grosso.

Yeah! I dodged that shit, cause Jorge gave me my promotion when it was just the two of us rolling!

White belts do not belong on the line!

half naked men being whipped by other wonder BJJ gets a 'gay' name sometimes! First you see men rolling around the floor together, next they're whipping each other!! What next...strap-on's while rolling?