How a champ takes a loss (Randleman)

He was a mans man, and a hell of a pioneer for MMA. The young guys can take some advice from this vid. He's upset, but takes his loss like man. RIP champ.

If a blue would be so kind.

It's at 4:05 of the video, if you want top jump straight to it.

Cam Newton could learn a thing or two from him Phone Post 3.0

Fighting back tears after the last 15 seconds of that video. One of my childhood favorites...

Rest in peace Phone Post 3.0

I always wished his fight with Chuck lasted longer Phone Post 3.0

Awesome share. What a great, great thing for Randleman to say at the end to Quinton. That was beautiful. Phone Post 3.0

Fuck. That last part man. That sums up what Randleman is to me.  A guy who would fight any man, the top guys the sport has to offer.  A guy who could beat any man, the top guys the sport has to offer.  Randleman showed class, humbleness, humility, and respect.  He gave Rampage his props, and respectfully said, "I'm going to give you one" meaning a loss.


As I have gotten older I really appreciate losing with class. I know it will happen to everyone eventually but as I have matured I learn to appreciate those who show humbleness. Randleman is one of the best in this regards.

Seeing him in "Pride Decade" was such an eye opener to me. He was such a savage in the ring and then to hear the way he respected and admired his fellow fighters, even ones he lost to, made me look at MMA athletes differently.

I'm lucky to have been one of the first 5,000 "friends" on his facebook page.  Last night his page was just filling up minute after minute of people not only expressing their condolences, but SO many people shared personal stories about Kevin helping them and having conversations that were deep and meaningful and these people were just regular fans like us but Kevin saw the human side in them, listened to their problems and genuinely cared.

Kevin would even wish fans happy birthday via text and I got so sad hearing all the stories that you never hear about until a tragedy happens.  I could tell Kevin really was a personable guy who really cared.

Damn man it sucks to lose Kev Phone Post 3.0

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There you have it, the late great Kevin Randleman

I was always a huge fan of Kevin's! I remember looking up his fights online, and highlight videos on sherdog. I was always a huge fan of his fighting, however, never knew how cool of a guy he was until I met him.

My buddies and I were hanging out after UFC 49 waiting to take pictures with fighters as they passed by. A lot of fighters were running through the motions of taking pictures with us, and you could tell they didn't really want to.

However, Kevin didn't take picture with us because he thought he should - you could tell he really wanted to. He not only took a picture with us, but he joked around with us, and shot the shit. Hanging out with Kevin honestly felt like hanging out with one of my buddies that I had known my whole life.

That's how I'll remember him. Not only was he a legend and a bad ass fighter, but he was genuinely an awesome guy! Not only did MMA lose a great person, but the entire world did. Phone Post 3.0

deadlyonetwo3 - Awesome share. What a great, great thing for Randleman to say at the end to Quinton. That was beautiful. Phone Post 3.0

Exactly. I get tired of all the whining in MMA today. If you lose a fight, don't make excuses or bash the guy who won. At least not in a public forum. Congratulate them and move on. I'm not a fighter. So I don't know what all it entails, but this clip shows some real sportsmanship and class.

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