How about a Joker Romo ?





 Great I am really gonna look like a dork! Thanks HKP...

Is Joker the guy with the funny haircut?

 Who's Joker?

Joker is the squint-eyed, spinach-powered sailor in the first pic. He was later covered in Olive Oil. And he doesn't grease, if you catch my drift. Say no more. A wink's as good as a nod.

 Isn't the romo version of Joker known as Mask.

Oh, I thought you were talking about The Real Joker here on the UG?  Now Im confused... So theres two of them?

 LOL... Mask

The Joker - 

 LOL... Mask

 Thought you would like that.


FredruM - Is Joker the guy with the funny haircut?

 I think so ?

joker doesnt need any romoshop to look funny, LOL



 Apple Speaks the truth...


Hello RaRA!!