How about Arlovski vs. Monson?

Well, Monson is fighting Rizzo coming up here.

If Monson wins, why not have Arlovski and Monson go at it in November? They don't have a fight for Arlovski and if Monson wins, there is no reason he shouldn't be in the UFC with 2 big wins over Rizzo and Fujita.

I think it'd make for a very interesting fight with Monson choking Arlovski out.

IMO, Monson should still be in the UFC


I like Monson. I wish he were still in the UFC. I'm going to watch him submit Rizzo tomorrow.

Good times!

Arlovski TKO

ive been calling for this fight since arlovski was ko'ing eilers and such. i think arlovskis explosiveness would overcome monsons power. arlovski is too dynamic.

I'd love to see AA vs CC

Monson will be back in the UFC after he disposes of Rizzo. Monson = still a Top 20 HW.

cant imagine monson winning