How about Lombard vs Belfort?

If Vitor gets by Bisping in a few weeks, what do you all think about this fight?Who takes it? Phone Post

Cool fight idk if Lombard deserves it yet though. But I'd certainly love to watch. Phone Post

I love Belfort, and I know Lombard (and love him).  So, it will be a hard fight to watch, but a good one for the fans.

Interesting fight for sure. Lombard would give Belfort real problems on the feet.

Interesting or lombard vs wand Phone Post

turns into a staring contest imo

Lombard vs Costa, Okami or Rockhold next.

Makes sense. The ufc will want to put a tough challenge in front of vitort to block another title shot and a win for hector could put him close to a title shot. Phone Post

I remember when Lombard was an up and comer, he was dubbed as the me t Vitor Belfort. A future match between the two was thrown around and now, it could actually be a reality.

Should be a good fight but could also be a let down. Phone Post

I'd buy it expecting a slug fest. Phone Post

That's a sick fight Phone Post