How about replace Shalorus with Pettis?

It was kind if bullshit that Pettis got to jump the line anyway ( guys come out of all sorts of smaller shows with a belt, just like he did )

So how about Pettis V. Miller instead of Shalorus, winner gets Winner of Gray v. Frankie II ?

Great idea. Phone Post

fabes -  Great idea. Phone Post


Great idea. Phone Post

I agree, great idea.

And Bendo fights the loser of one of those. Phone Post


BLAF make it so.

this is actually a very reasonable solution


Jim Miller and George Sotiropolous are getting screwed out of big fights to advance their contendership. If they will not be matched up with each other then match one of them up with the WEC champ who is gonna be inactive otherwise.

 Sounds good to me. When is the Shalarous/Miller fight scheduled?

The Shalouros Miller fight is in March. Plenty of time to swap out Pettis and give Shalorus someone else.

 I fucking love that idea.  Nice job '01er.  Dana make it happen! 

He won a belt over a very tough fighter. He doesnt have to take any more steps backwards. Hope fully edgar/maynard dont have any medical suspensions and they can do this right away.

Miller vs Pettis and Guida vs Sharolus

totally feeling that matchup!


Phenomenal idea...totally makes sense. That would really make a #1 clear contender. They could do Jim/Pettis on the same card as Edgar/maynard3?

I approve.

thatd be for the best I think