How about Suda Vs. Vitale

I think this would be a great match...

Shooto Champion M. Suda Vs. F. Vitale

I think Suda has the Superbrawl and Shooto Belt..

Dustin Clean has been waiting for his shot at Suda for a year now. Suda has to defend his Shooto title by the end of May or relinquish the title, according to Shooto regulations, and Clean is the legit #1 contender.

Suda's next match must be against Clean.

niko-VS-Suda in SB...excellent match-up!

yeah thats what i meant

sounds good Niko vs. Suda!

awesome fight...

Excellent matchup and I think Suda will come out on top.


Niko VS Suda...

gets my vote... i'd like to see it... :)

TJ... pay attention... ;)

ttt 4 the fight