How about the Bellator FW's They looked good!

Even the guys that lost looked solid. Phone Post

Hell yeah they did. Curran looks to be a monster at that weight.

Big props to bellator for building such a solid fw division- their scouts are excellent Phone Post

Heineken Man - Could their top six beat UFC's top 6 in dual meet?

Curran, Mann, Sandro, Malegarie, Warren, Freire

Dont see any of them beating aldo, but aside from him i see it as pretty even (which i mean as a compliment to bellator) Phone Post

Heineken Man - Did UFC sign Hioki?

Yes Phone Post

Really strong show.

Mann looked good and Sandro put on a really good performance.

Those 4 fights were better than the last couple of UFC's put together. Phone Post

The Jessica Aguilar-Carla Esparza fight that didn't make the broadcast was a war too. It was a very fun event last night. Phone Post

They're really good

Heineken Man - Could their top six beat UFC's top 6 in dual meet?

Curran, Mann, Sandro, Malegarie, Warren, Freire

You forgot Soto, who is a hell of a striker with good TDD. He was picking Warren apart before he got caught. He's better than him and Malegerie. He's probably in the Mann class, at least.

Also, Daniel Straus, who is an athletic, good sized, well-rounded featherweight.

Nobody in Bellator is as good as Aldo. And Mendes and Hioki would be tough for Bellator's roster to handle. But Bellator has more depth at the top of their division and you're regularly going to enjoy a higher caliber FW fight in their organization because the talent is concentrated.

The fights were great, and they have a really strong division. What matchups do you want to see in the next round. I'm thinking Curran-Mann and Sandro-Mellegari

this can be 1 of there best tournaments

winner fighting Warren or Pitbull will also be great, love the bellator FW's

TT Phone Post


In general how does Bellator find such good talent. They must have a budget a fraction of the UFC but they find very good fighters all time. Phone Post

great start to the tournament.looking forward to the rest of it.also Joe Warren Vs. Patricio"pitbull"Freire fighting july 23rd gonna be huge