How About These Tunes?

These songs really are so great and inspire a good positive feeling and really make me want to shake my hips around the house which is a good strategy to apply for creating unintentional exercise opportunity to burn some calories from those morning pastries and coffee


"Girls Just Want to Have Fun"......and "I'm a Material Girl"


and hearing the song "Man I feel like a Woman".....when you are having a shower and a shave making yourself fancy for a night out really makes you feel a arrogant confidence.


everyone knows these songs are very powerful. Only a man which is very secure in his masculine nature can enjoy these songs too.  

Sounds like you took a bit too much masculinity in the dookie hole

Excellent Tunes CarryPoo!

I'm a fan of this one too: 




I guess the Man's version would be "Eye of the Tiger" but now that I am older and wiser trying to make BIG WIN $$$  by eating knuckle-sandwiches just doesn't seem so smart or inspiring unless I could honestly know if I had MayWeather or McGreggor Talent both in and out of the ring and since I do not have their gifts for the Fight Busine$$ then "Eye of the Tiger" and its purpose to inspire tough-low-brow ideology doesn't appeal to me now like how I just want to feel like a material man which just wants to have fun and enjoy the life :)

StevetheWeasel - Good thread.