How about this angle then?

  Alright, stickerking called out Lawler and they have been building quite a feud without ever having a match yet or getting their hands on one another (smart booking)

With stickerking getting banned, Tom is left out in the cold without a feud.

Tom tells everyone that he couldn't wait to get his hands on him for disrespecting his life and times, but he is glad he is gone.  He goes on to talk about how he respects Squared Circle...........

Circle's music hits.  He comes out to the ring and thanks Tom for the kind words and say he thinks he deserves a title shot at slamberee.

The stage is set the two meet up and are having an epic match when the ref is KOed.  Then stickerking emerges from under the ring and

cracks Squared Circle over the head with a 40 bottle!

ref wakes up, Tom gets the pin and him and stickerking embrace!  They were in cahoots all along and screwed Circle out of the title.

Just a though.

why stickerking get banneD?